Space Other

What is the collection of objects beyond the accumulation? What is an art gallery beyond selling art? You can activate an alternative site in a community and its institutions?

Here are some questions that are of interest to the other gallery space.

Another space was founded in Boston in 2005. The gallery occupies a 3700 square feet
(344 m2) sub ground space in Boston’s South End, a district inhabited by artists and nurturing. From the beginning, another space is committed to radicalize the least notion of the practice of commercial art gallery in the Boston metropolitan area, showing the work of emerging artists from Europe and Latin America.

Other functions of most of the space as a Kunsthalle or project space, centered on a vision of contemporary art as a practice emphasizes transdisciplinary curatorial positions and collaboration and exchange with institutions, other galleries and private collections.

In the fall of 2007 there were a series of exhibitions of contemporary art in collaboration with the University of Braunschweig for the Arts, Visual Arts Program at MIT and Harvard University.